Blog for February 6th

Hello everyone, just a quick update to keep us all on the same page. But first, we appreciate your prayers so very, very much. Please keep praying and thinking about us and the ministry.

Last Thursday through Sunday saw us in Leon, Guanajuato for our Religious Association (A.R.) meeting. The A.R. is a government requirement for all churches to belong to. We have our own A.R. which was formed about 18 years. There are ten churches that belong to or are in the process of joining the A.R.

We drove the five hours to Leon on Thursday and that evening met up with our fellow missionaries at the hotel. Since we needed to attend the A.R. meeting on Saturday we took advantage of the opportunity to have our Mexico Field Team/CMF meeting on Friday. We met as a team for seven hours only breaking once for lunch.

On Saturday we met for another four and a half hours with representatives from each of the churches. I think by Saturday afternoon we were finished with meetings and could finally draw a breath. The two really good things about Leon, at least good for our trip, were the restaurants, Sirloin Stockade and Chilies, and the hundreds of leather stores. I think everyone bought something made of leather from jackets to cowboy boots, purses to shoes.

Sunday we had the pleasure of worshipping with the Breath of Life congregation. It was interesting and enjoyable.

Our activities this week include training a Mexican couple to lead Bible studies, teaching English at the North Side Church, preparing incorporation papers for the North Side and Eagles churches, teaching English at the community center/Eagles church, counseled a young woman (Kay), visited with the accountants (Steve), prepared our taxes (STEVE), took a bus to Puebla (Kay)to pick up Helen Biard (CMF Reveal Intern) and bring her to our home, Steve drove to Pachuca to turn over the incorporation papers and then picked up Kay and Helen at the bus station.

Friday WILL BE a women’s retreat meeting at our place, doctor’s visit for Helen (cold?), Children’s club at 4:00, Men’s meeting at 7:00, Music practice at 8:30 and then transporting youth from ICN to Joy Jimenez’s house for a sleep over. We are hosting the cookout on Saturday for the youth. After that we’re gonna SLEEP!



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