Hello everyone and welcome to the Carpenter’s Brief. Many of us have taken in a bit of the Olympics. Perhaps it was a volleyball or basketball game, someone lifting more than twice their weight or a diver trying to complete their routine with as little splash as possible. Usually we are amazed and sometimes dumbfounded by the … [Read More]

The Mexico City Brief – VBS & Moving

Hello everyone to the Brief! There is actually so much going on it is difficult to lable this post. In any case, THANK YOU for your prayers, your interest in what the Lord is doing and specifically what is happening this week. We are in the middle of the 2012 VBS at the Eagles Church. … [Read More]


Hello from Mexico City! First of all we want to wish all of our fellow American’s a wonderful July 4th. We too remembered our independence even though we were many miles away. We prayed for America and her people. We also shared a meal with some of our friends in Mexico. Since a VBS meeting … [Read More]


Greetings from Mexico City and welcome back to Steve and Kay’s Mexico City brief. Since our last blog life has stayed exciting. Of course, life has remained steady in some areas while taking some unexpected turns in others. Thankfully our God is involved in both the steady and the turns. Bible Studies Probably the most … [Read More]

The Continuing Saga

Welcome back to the Mexico City BRIEF, the continuing saga of Steve and Kay Carpenter’s life and ministry in Mexico City. In this blog we will touch on such things as the canals of ancient Mexico City, teaching women to sew scarfs, our ministry in Tultepec, zip lines and repelling in caves and so much … [Read More]

Very First Post

Hello everybody! Welcome to Steve and Kay’s first blog. That is, their first blog EVER!   The LORD is awesome and worthy to be praised! That is so true, and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to tag along and experience much of what He is doing. It is incredible. And to be a part of … [Read More]