The president of this year’s Oregon Christian Convention told a story of a young man from one of our southern states that was helping with some remodeling of his kitchen some years back. He had a certain way of saying things and one of his favorite sayings was “git er done”. Who knows, maybe he watched a lot of Larry the Cable Guy. In any case, that may become one of our themes for this summer.

Later this week we will be welcoming a ministry team from Colonial Heights Christian Church of Colonial Heights, Tenn. into our home, our lives and our ministry. They are coming prepared to assist in two VBS’s and a medical information and check-up clinic. One couple from the team will share an evening called “Tips for a Happy Home”. We are inviting the couples of our neighborhood to share in a cookout before the talk.

One of the VBS’s will be held all week at the Eagle’s church. There will be four teams of children and youth with lots of volunteers from the church and our team from TN. The medical clinic will run concurrent with the VBS. The VBS in Tultepec will run Wed. thru Friday of the same week only in the afternoon and the couples cookout/talk will be Tuesday evening. Monday afternoon we will set up the Church in a Box canopies that we will be using through the week in Tultepec.

The following week the North Side Christian Church will be holding their VBS. Pam DeLeon is heading up the planning sessions with assistance of the three CMF Reach Interns and a bunch of volunteers from the church. Kay will be assisting as a teacher.

OK, just a quick review of the last few days. Steve again took the train into town last Thursday to meet with the lawyer that is helping us with the banking issue. If you don’t remember that particular issue (post May 5th) let’s just say that our bank messed up and then refused to fess up. Our lawyer has informed us that the bank has admitted that it is at fault and that the funds transferred from our account fraudulently will be replaced with interests, etc. Please pray that this is the case. I don’t mean that the lawyer may have lied but only that everything we understand isn’t always exactly the way it is.

Steve has also played at being a plumber by switching out a kitchen faucet, (Oh, old bones do not do well squeezing into small under counter spaces!) and swapping out a toilet flap (you know, the rubber thing that opens and closes in the tank to let the toilet flush!). Steve really needs to catch up on the latest terminology if he is going to be a real plumber!

Kay has spent hours in communicating with the Mexico team (she is our fearless team leader), preparing lessons for VBS’s, organizing and scheduling the visiting ministry team. This only begins to mention all that she is doing.

Well, I guess now is the time. Let’s say it all together, “Get er Done”!

And with the Lord’s help we will.

Love to all,

Steve & Kay

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