Immediate Prayer Request 9/4/14

Hello everyone, James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above,” A quick prayer request. After years of attempting to get a land use change for the property of the North Side Christian Church the LORD has basically dropped the possibility for this in their hands. The city has approached the church about using … [Read More]

Here Again, Gone Again!

Here we are in Upper East Tennessee having arrived last night from a stop over at Cincinnati. The Furlough Retreat was great. It was an opportunity to share a few days with other missionaries and home office staff. The morning messages were so good (Roy Lawson) as were the meditations brought by different staff members. … [Read More]

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

That is a great way to describe our furlough since our arrival in the States. We are enjoying a wild ride. On May first we arrived in Tennessee. After a graduation (Ben’s), a friend’s wedding (Helen & Jordan), Papaw’s surgery (¡Papaw’s!) and a CMF home office visit we were off to Oregon. In Oregon we … [Read More]

Count Down

Today (Sunday, April 13) marks 18 days from furlough. What does that mean, it means putting things in storage, selling our car, finishing up projects, having a friend move into our home and saying goodbye, at least for a time. Interestingly there isn’t enough emotion in that sentence. It sounds too cut and dried. Furlough … [Read More]

Goodbye Helen, see you soon!

The past month has been a whirlwind of activities and ministry. On February 6th Kay picked up Helen Baird in Puebla and they rode the bus back over the mountains to the Federal District of Mexico City. Steve met them at the bus terminal and so the adventure began. Helen’s responsibility was to take photos … [Read More]

Blog for February 6th

Hello everyone, just a quick update to keep us all on the same page. But first, we appreciate your prayers so very, very much. Please keep praying and thinking about us and the ministry. Last Thursday through Sunday saw us in Leon, Guanajuato for our Religious Association (A.R.) meeting. The A.R. is a government requirement … [Read More]

Hello everyone and greetings from Mexico City! Here’s a quick summary to bring you up to date with all that is happening here. The end of 2013 saw us heavily involved with the North Side Christian Church in Atizapan de Zaragoza, leading Bible studies in the Tultepec area and volunteering at the community center in … [Read More]

Mexico’s Independence Day & More!

Just a quick post to keep us on the same page. Mexico celebrated her Independence over Sept. 15th and 16th with shouts, speeches and some wild fire works. We are most proud of the fire works since we live in the only municipalidad licensed for the development and testing of fire works in Mexico, Tultepec! … [Read More]


The president of this year’s Oregon Christian Convention told a story of a young man from one of our southern states that was helping with some remodeling of his kitchen some years back. He had a certain way of saying things and one of his favorite sayings was “git er done”. Who knows, maybe he … [Read More]

Oregon in the Rear View Mirror

Summer has just begun and already some of the best parts are in the rear view mirror. We descended upon Oregon the 16th of June. We arrived at midnight and spent that first night at Bruce and Beth’s, Steve’s brother and sister-in-law. The next day it was off to the Apple store, the outlet mall, … [Read More]